Black DS Lite Has Been Discontinued

According to this supposed GameStop daily newsletter, the DS Lite Onyx handheld has been discontinued. The newsletter reads:

DS Lite Onyx hardware systems have been discontinued and stores will no longer be replenished on this product. Once your store sells through its current stock of this item, please remove any empty DS Onyx display boxes (onyx colour only) from the sales floor and discard. Please continue to display the other colours of the DS Lite system display boxes on the sales floor (eye level and above perimeter of DS software section, above the DS accessory section, etc).

This isn't unusual. The White DS Lite was apparently discontinued and replaced by the Silver DS Lite. If this is true, could it mean the Onyx DS Lite has been discontinued to make way for the black DSi?

Kotaku AU Note: Has anyone who works at a local retailer heard something similar for Australia?


    I work at GAME and haven't heard anything like this. Although we've been sold out of black DSes for a few weeks and haven't heard anything about when we will be getting more.

    It would be crazy for them to discontinue it because it's just about the most popular colour these days.

    @ Aron

    Cheers. Always interesting to hear these things.

    I work at EB, and although I'm on holidays at the moment, I hadn't heard of anything like this going down. Similarly to GAME, we haven't really had any stock of the Black DS's, maybe 10 or so total since the Christmas restock.

    But in saying that, we've had similar quantity's of the other colours coming in, and it all seems to be running out. I know in the preorder section of the computers the DSi is listed as an orderable item, but it doesn't (when I last checked) have any pricing or estimated release date. Just $999 and 31/12/09, which is the placeholder info for "Your guess is as good as mine".

    It'd be stupid if they do discontinue it, as it is the most popular colour....

    at the retailer i'm currently at, as far as i'm aware we have no order placed for more black ds's or any other colours for that matter, none until we're allocated some from nintendo. everywhere is pretty much sold out as far as i'm aware, and i would assume there is a shortage just as there is with wii remotes and every damn thing nintendo. i'm looking to pick up a black ds, and i really can't see them discontinuing it. it would a really stupid decision.

    It wouldn't be a bad decision to discontinue it because people will buy whatever new colour is released. Nintendo Japan are also talking about releasing the DSi in North America around April or May, so it could be a good time to start phasing out DS Lites in order to make them hard to find. People that want one will be happy to fork over the extra for the new, upgraded version.

    It really is worth the extra cash, too. I love my DSi.

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