Blizzard Mum On Its One Big Game For 2009

Is StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty going to make 2009? Blizzard isn't saying, sticking to the "it's done when it's done" release date. But there's definitely one big Blizzard-developed title in store this year.

What is it? Blizzard COO Paul Sams wouldn't confirm whether that game is, indeed, the first chapter of the StarCraft II trilogy, only confirming that "Blizzard intends on delivering one front line release per year." Activision Blizzard has factored that mystery game into its estimated earnings for 2009.

"You can see that is contemplated," Sams said during the company's earnings call. "Which title is being released this year, we're not saying."

Considering that StarCraft II appears to be the game closest to completion, we'd think the real-time strategy could make a 2009 release. Diablo III? No way. And while Blizzard did say it has "substantial expansions" planned for World of Warcraft this year, we'd find it hard to believe a retail expansion on par with Wrath of the Lich King will be ready for December.


    the emerald dream has been in the works for ages, there are vids of it up on youtube, and the maelstrom has been talked about by developers even way back when wow was still being made.

    blizzard have their wow and expansions already planned out to a point - who is to say they havent been working on them simultaneously and staggering their releases? espcially when people keep finding unreleased maps etc in game files.

    There are local stores, CDWOW for one, who are advertising Diablo 3 as coming out as soon as April. While this seems unlikely given that one would expect a massive marketing push by now if it were so, it does seem to support the likelyhood that Diablo 3 is the big blip on the proverbial radar.

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