Boisterous Gaming Session Leads to Police Brutality Complaints

A Colorado man filed complaints against three Aurora police officers alleging they beat him, leaving him bruised and with a sprained neck, after they responded to complaints about a particularly loud session of gaming.

Sean Duffy says the officers grabbed him by the hair and bounced his head "like a basketball" against the apartment's metal front door so hard it left a dent. He says they then threw him face down and handcuffed into the back of a police car and called him names as they drove him to the police station, Westword reports.

Police deny the allegations, saying they used appropriate force against a suspect who was resisting arrest.

The whole affair started after downstairs neighbours called police, twice, because Duffy was being too loud while playing MVP Baseball on his Playstation 2.

The first call came after Duffy was stomping around in excitement during a multiplayer session. But the second came after Duffy stomped his foot in frustration and shouted "Oh, please!" Something the downstairs neighbour said they thought sounded like "Police" and was in retaliation for their initial noise complaint.

When cops arrived Duffy, who claims he thought the uniformed officers were perhaps just people in costumes, was arrested and take to jail.

Duffy has photos of the injuries he says happened during the arrest, which show a coaster-sized bruise on his right shoulder and a larger bruise on his left foot. He also has video showing puffy red marks on the side of his head and welts on his wrists.

Aurora police say they are investigating the allegations, as they do with all such incidents.

A boisterous game of PlayStation leads to arrest [Westword]


    What a load of crap... people walk into police stations every day and file false allegations. Why is Kotaku giving this moron valuable web space?

    True, it could be a load of crap... unless it isn't. In which case, it's an extremely disturbing example of unneccessary police brutality.

    Chances are none of us know the true story.

    I have seen many recent cases of police brutality and police using excessive force and this trend seems to be getting worse. Brandon I think your quick rush to judgment shows your ignorance. No offense but I think in this case I will wait to here both sides and remain subjective before I judge. However if you think police brutality does not exist I would like to know what planet you live on

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