Breakfast Wrap: Best of Thursday Night

breakfast friday.jpg

Would you like some roll with your bacon and egg?

Super Mario Kart: Most Influential Video Game in History
I cannot believe neither Lair nor Fuzion Frenzy made the list.

Nintendo's 120 Game Line-Up, Punch-Out, Excitebots Dated
What the heck is Excitebots?

Don't Plan On Playing Quake Live Just Yet
Yeah, last time I tried logging on I was 35,063rd in line.

Nintendo Unveils New Wii Controller
It's more classic than Classic, if you get my drift.

EA Talks Wii Tiger Wooods And Tennis Game Details
But how will the new EA Cricket utilise the Wii's MotionPlus?


    That looks so much better than my gluten free muesli :(

    Was any one else getting "931 error" on killzone 2 last night? it started fine then i could not connect.

    When is the Dawn Of War 2 competition being drawn?


    I'll be posting the winners tomorrow.



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