Buy Space Strategy Game, Support Bushfire Appeal

Buy Space Strategy Game, Support Bushfire Appeal

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Following earlier news of the Hire For The Fires charity initiative, indie developer Chris Pelling has sent word of his own efforts of support for the victims of the Victorian bushfires. Pelling will be donating 50% of all sales of his own game, Mayhem Intergalactic, to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. Good show, Chris!

Pelling’s turn-based strategy game was a Student Showcase winner at the 2008 Independent Games Festival and is available from his own website or via Steam.

50% of proceeds from sales of Mayhem Intergalactic to be donated to Australian bushfire victims [Inventive Dingo]


  • The is what being Australian is about, helping out a mate when he needs it. I’m going to buy this off Steam right now. Fantastic gesture on Chris’s part.

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