Can Screenshots Help Explain What Noby Noby Boy Is?

Can a set of new screenshots explain what exactly what is going on with Noby Noby Boy for the PlayStation Network where creator Keita Takahashi of Katamari Damacy fame failed?

Nope, they most certainly cannot. Nice use of frogs though. Were I a big fan of frogs, I would be camped outside the PlayStation Store next Thursday, wearing a frog t-shirt and waving a little frog banner about. I figure someone who is that big of a fan of frogs wouldn't realise that the PlayStation Store wasn't a real place...and would own a frog banner. I assume a lot, but the chances of a crossover frog fan / Kotaku reader are so slim that I feel confident that I will get away with it.

Anyway, here's some screenshots.

noby noby boy screenshot 1 20090214.jpg

noby noby boy screenshot 2 20090214.jpg

noby noby boy screenshot 3 20090214.jpg

noby noby boy screenshot 4 20090214.jpg

noby noby boy screenshot 5 20090214.jpg

noby noby boy screenshot 6 20090214.jpg


    For some reason this game reminds me of Nibbles. Remember nibbles? the sample game that came with Qbasic in the later versions of MS-DOS? If so, then I'm happy. I spent many hours playing that game. And its little brother, Gorillas. Now if only someone could remake THAT game. Exploding bananas FTW

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