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While discussion over the proposed introduction of an R18+ rating to our classification system remains stalled, the diligent people on the Board itself have been busy cruising the streets of Liberty City. GTA IV’s 360-exclusive DLC The Lost and Damned has picked up an unsurprising MA15+ badge ahead of its release later this month.
Also of note, Suda 51’s DS excursion Flower Sun & Rain should be hitting shelves soon, if its recent PG rating is any indication.

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned (360, Rockstar) – MA15+ Junior Brain Train: Word Games (PC, Carbon) – G The Secret of Margrave Manor (PC, Carbon) – PG Mysteryville 2 (PC, Carbon) – PG Crystal Defenders (iPhone, Ubisoft) – G Sudoku: We All Play (Wii, Nintendo) – G Tamagotchi Music Star (Handheld, Funtastic) – G Sam & Max: Season Two (PC, Atari) – PG Demigod (PC, Atari) – PG Family & Friends Party (Wii, Gammick) – G Twinbee (Wii, Nintendo) – G Bomberman ’94 (Wii, Nintendo) – G Flower, Sun & Rain (DS, AFA Interactive) – PG


  • Interestingly enough, I picked up a copy of Flower Sun and Rain on Tuesday of last week. The box has no mention of AFA Interactive, but does list Rising Star Games, and, most intriguingly, has the PEGI 12+ rating with a green G rating sticker stuck over it.

    Intriguing, no?

  • Wait, why is Lost & Damned being rated? I thought this was downloadable content and not an expansion. Or does DLC have to be rated now regardless of size?

  • @ Dark Moogle

    I suspect it means you’ll be able to buy a box at retail that contains a download code. Good news for those without credit cards. Rockstar has yet to confirm though.

  • We have a release date for The Lost and Damned in our computer system at EB Games. It’s being released on the 17th of February with a RRP of $34.95

    It’s most likely what David said. And that it makes the expansion available for those who do not have access ot Xbox LIVE.

  • Gotta wonder if the DLC will even work with all the imported copies of GTA IV in the country. Sure, it’s all PAL but will those with the full version suddenly have an MA15+ patch applied to neuter their import, or will the DLC render blood depending on the version of the game loading it?

    I’ve had to create a few PSN accounts to make sure DLC for imported games worked in the past (not that Mercenaries 2 was worth the effort, but…)

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