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The new Leisure Suit Larry game, subtitled Box Office Bust, was given an MA15+ by the Classification Board last week. Why’s this news? Because the previous Leisure Suit Larry game, subtitled Magna Cum Laude, was refused classification. Only slight snag in all this is that Box Office Bust looks terrible. Just like Magna Cum Laude.

Over the last seven days, these games have survived the scrutiny of our censors:

Battleforge (PC) – M
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (DS) – M
Classic Word Games (DS) – G
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (DS) – G
Internet Backgammon (TBC) – G
Internet Checkers (TBC) – G
Internet Spades (TBC) – G
Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust (360, PS3, PC) – MA15+
Little King’s Story (Wii) – PG
Pimp My Ride: Street Racing (PS2, DS) – PG
World In Conflict: Soviet Assault (PC) – M


  • Pity they didn’t bring Al Lowe in to make it. Nor does it resemble any of the REAL Larry games.

    MCL was a piece of crap and this will be too.

  • On another censorship note, a patch was released this week for GTA IV on Xbox Live that removed the censorship of the main game as applied to get it rated here in Aus. This is to also bring it into line with the DLC Lost and Damned which isn’t censored as it’s download content. Does this mean that all games can release an uncensored version for sale across the counter here and then legally release a patch that reverses the censorship?

  • @ Citizendee

    No. This is what happened: when Rockstar originally submitted GTA IV for classification, they chose to submit an edited version. This was given an MA15+ rating. The Classification Board didn’t refuse classification or ask for content to be cut; Rockstar did this off their own accord prior to the submission. It was self-censorship.

    Later when Rockstar submitted the PC version for classifcation, they chose to submit an unedited version. This was also given an MA15+ rating.

    As such, The Lost and Damned was also given an MA15+ rating and it opened the way for Rockstar to go back and reverse the self-censorship of the original 360 release.

    Which leaves one question: has Rockstar released a patch for the original PS3 release to reverse this self-censorship?

  • @ David Wildgoose

    My GTA4 TLAD is censored. I’m not sure what conditions cause people to have this happen, perhaps using a US live account to download the content?

    Also my GTA4 remains censored.

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