Club Nintendon't: We're Missing Out On All This Stuff


Thanks to Jason Hill for reminding me this morning about the "Coming Soon" sign taped to the front of the Club Nintendo front door. Like Jason, I've asked Nintendo a few times already this year exactly what's going on with the customer loyalty program. And also, like Jason, the answer has been squat (SQUAT!).


    Whats Nintendo again? I've given up on the Big N, just like they gave up on us

    It amuses me that you used the words 'Nintendo' and 'Customer loyalty' in the same sentence.

    Just all part of the Australian experience.

    The game & watch double screen games are the best of the list and I got that in a 2nd hand store in Akihabara a couple years ago. Donkey Kong FTW

    Posted February 17, 2009 1:06 PM
    Just all part of the Australian experience.

    I second that

    I sold my Wii last year and sent Nintendo a letter of disappointment in their consistently horrible Australian service. Why they even bothered to announce the Not-Club a year ago then do nothing boggles the mind. After talking them up throughout the Gamecube years it's impossible to believe they don't have their head right up their arses when they can't exactly complain about a lack of funds. Good on you for not just giving nothing back to customers but actually SAYING you'd give them something you haven't, therefore giving them less-than-nothing in some kind of customer-service negative gearing. It would take more than a return to competence from Nintendo at this point to get my money again.

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