Could This Be Dead Rising 2?

This just popped up all over the net. Our take? Too slick, too inside to not be a real, brief, tantalising taste of Dead Rising 2.

Zombies in Vegas with human hamsterballs? Sign me up.


    As one of the youtube commenters pointed out, one of the tags for the video is "fake". Though it looks totally awesome, I would take this with a grain of salt.

    @ Hamish

    If it was a fake, why would they tag it "fake". But if it's a legit Capcom clip trying to be illegit - and it's clearly meant to look like a dodgy shakey-cam footage - then they just might call it "fake". I wonder if we'll be filming zombies this time, rather than just taking snaps...

    Zombies stir my loins.

    Holy christ, I have been waiting for this game. I'd honestly be really surprised if it was fake, because almost all of the second half is footage not from the first game.

    Wonder if it will just take place in a single casino, or the whole LA strip. :P

    Call it viral advertising, call it what you like, i don't care, that definitely caught my eye and i can only hope that its legit.

    As for the person calling it fake, were you one of the people who said the wii-fit girl video wasn't from Nintendo...?

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