Dead Space Wii Announced

During Electronic Arts' Q3 2009 earnings call earlier today, boss John Riccitiello mentioned a Wii game we'd previously not heard about. That game was Dead Space Wii.

It's due out later this year, and is part of a plan from EA to bring a more "core" experiece to the Wii. Riccitiello promises that, despite the technical limitations of the console, everything that made the 360/PS3/PC version so creepy will be there on the Wii.

Want to know more? Sorry. Being a one-sentence mention on a conference call, and not a proper product announcement, that's all we've got at the moment.


    ...serious? Is that a joke? Can the wii even pull off half the amazing environmental creepiness of the game, let alone the dismemberment and the awesome vacuum and zero-g bits...

    If done right this could work well. It did with RE4.

    That said, EA seems to be doing a good job of fooling people that they are making wonderful, original games. As much as I enjoyed Dead Space, I enjoyed it for all the things it stole from other games.

    Much of its style, plot and mechanics are lifted directly (especially in terms of plot) from System Shock 2, which EA now owns.

    The monsters also look incredibly similar to the ones in a Dreamcast game that nobody ever played called Blue Stinger.

    So EA made about 1/3 of an amazing new game and the other 2/3 came from either one of the best shooter/RPGs of all time, or a fun little Dreamcast launch game made by Climax Graphics.

    @ El Phantasmogoro
    The difference between this and RE4 is that RE4 was coming from a less powerful console to a more powerful one, not the other way around. I don't doubt that it could work - with the right new additions, I may even buy the game a second time - but so much of what made Dead Space atmospheric was intrinsically linked to graphics and sound. The Wii's capability for both of those is not as great as the PS3 or 360.


    Do you have a PC made since 2000? I will assume so. Go and play System Shock 2. It is, to this day, possibly the most scary and atmospheric game ever made. It was also released almost a decade ago (August 11th, 1999) on the Dark engine (also used for the first two Thief games, which were also amazing).

    Graphical power has little to do with competent design. Now, if we are to look at the graphics, the environments are small, the number of onscreen enemies are few and the low lighting means that many things can be rendered in lower res textures with little noticable degradation. Most of the particle effects can be replicated as well.

    All up it won't look as good, but I'm quite sure it can be damn close, provided EA don't decide to half arse it like so many other ports.

    @ Mr Waffles

    I addressed most of your points already, but honestly, how does a gameplay element like bouncing around a room on a timer with the sound muffled become something that a modern system can't do? The argument for particle and lighting engines, sure. But Zero G? You aren't making any sense.

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