Did You Win A Little Sister?

Did You Win A Little Sister?

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Our BioShock PS3 giveaway is now over. But who won the five packs – and more importantly, who scored those limited edition Little Sister figurines?

Congratulations to:
Clocks (“The game I want to make will, more or less, be System Shock 2: Electric Boogaloo.”) for making me chuckle.
Kane .T (“Imagine, rescuing a bunch of sweet lolitas from their “pimp”, drug dealing “Sugar” daddys, who carry a well endowed drill if anyone messes with them.”) for making this gag first.
Patrick White (“It’s a first-person shooter! *cough*set-in-an-underwater-city-overrun-by-genetically-engineered-objectivists-and-spooky-little-girls-with-big-needles*cough*”) for nailing how 2K actually marketed the game.
Cypher (“Imagine the end of the world. No memory. No idea where you are. What’s going on? You see the city of Rapture. Forget hope. Survive.”) for painting the mood perfectly.
Matt (“Think of a decayed, submarine, Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann inspired world where the player takes on genetically enhanced remnants of humanity in a superbly re-imagined FPS.”) for. to my mind, getting closest to what Ken Levine probably did say.

Winners, we’ll be in touch via email today.


  • Yay!!
    I’d like to thank my agent, my girlfriend for puttig up with my constant “product testing” and Kotaku for the opportunity to use my brain for a change 🙂

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