DiRT 2 Displays High Level Of Polish

New screens show off just how pretty a little mud can be in Codemasters' DiRT 2, the sequel to 2007's acclaimed off-road racer.

DiRT 2 shows up the original DiRT in several different ways, featuring more cars, more real-world locations, and enhanced graphics courtesy of an enhanced version of the EGO game engine, as seen in Codemaster's GRID. Aside from the usual upgrades we expect from a sequel, DiRT 2 will also feature a robust online community to serve as a social hub for fans of off-road racing, complete with leader boards, news feeds, and "scribbles" that keep you posted on your friends' achievements in-game.

I'm really amazed by the visuals Codemasters achieves with the EGO engine. Mud has never looked so sexy.

dirt screenshot 20090221 1.jpg

dirt screenshot 20090221 2.jpg

dirt screenshot 20090221 3.jpg

dirt screenshot 20090221 4.jpg

dirt screenshot 20090221 5.jpg

dirt screenshot 20090221 6.jpg


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