Don't Pay For Xbox Live, Pay For Designer Furniture Instead

Continuing their recent preoccupation with sending out ill-advised press releases, Sony yesterday told the world how to best spend US$50. You know, the $50 so many of you spend on Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.

With the PlayStation Network being free and all, Sony figure that the $50 you're spending on Microsoft's online service is $50 wasted. Why not put it to better use on the items on the following list, meticulously hand-picked by Sony's most frugal, thoughtful PR types?

Rather than paying a $50 subscription fee that competitors charge for on-line services, PlayStation Network users could put that money towards a variety of content.

* PAIN ($9.99)
* Elefunk ($4.99)
* Guitar Hero Classic Rock Track ($6.25)
* LittleBigPlanet™ Metal Gear Solid® - Level Kit ($5.99)
* Episode of Afro Samurai | Season 1 ($1.99)
* The Dark Knight Movie ($14.99)
* Samurai Sword Rack, Diesel Tiamallo Blue Hooded Top, Ligne Roset Alster Chair for PlayStation Home ($4.47)


* Super Street Fighter® II Turbo HD Remix ($14.99)
* Burnout™ Paradise (Full Retail Game) ($19.99)
* The Hoff Character for PAIN ($1.99)
* LittleBigPlanet™ Ryu of Street Fighter® II ($1.99)
* Robot Trooper and Basketball Boots for PlayStation Home ($.98)
* Savage Moon ($9.99)

Sony, we appreciate the fact we don't have to pay for the use of the PlayStation Network. And appreciate that, since we're not paying for it, you have to get your money back via other means. But telling people to forgo Xbox Live's mostly excellent multiplayer service in exchange for a Ligne Roset Alster Chair and some basketball boots probably isn't the best way to get your point across.

Sony wants you to buy games, not Xbox Live [Ars Technica]


    I don't think the Sony PR telling you to "exchange for a Ligne Roset Alster Chair and some basketball boots" is meant to be serious, but rather its a comment showing you that if your going to waste your money on usually hidden costs then you might as well buys useless stuff.

    serious read in between the lines!

    Yep, totally agree - read in between the lines ! I'm gonna bitch about a couple of things on Xbox 360.

    1) Wireless controller, then money on batteries, then buying a rechargeable battery pack - which effectively turns you wireless controller into a wired USB controller again - this little exercise would cost you about $110 bucks on top of your system.

    2) No region free ! Come on, PS3 beats the xbox here, I mean some great games particularly from Japan, cannot be played in certain regions! This is defiantly not a step towards globalisation is it ?

    3) Charging for online play with all the above stuff, so System, $600 + Controller Exercise $110 + Repairing for ring of Death $140 + ++++++ get the picture ? - or should I say read between the lines.

    My dad has always been right, you get what you pay for, I mean for people that say that the PS3 is too expensive, how much did you shell out for the PS1 ? I know I payed $1,200.00 to have one of the first ones in Oz, my brother paid $900 from HARVEY NORMAN for his PS1, so the price really didn't change, games are pretty much the same on either system, but hands down, the PS3 IS A WAY BETTER SYSTEM THEN THE XBOX 360 over all, more powerful and future proofed.

    Don't worry I am a hard core gamer, I own every game console that has come out, Including a Neo Geo home system - which cost a lot more then both of these systems put together, no to mention that each game would set you back about $500 back in the nineties.

    Yep. PS3 is a better machine then the xbox in every respect - they just haven't flexed their muscles yet. Can you read between the lines now ?


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