Even Analysts Are Worried About Res 5's Controls

With the chance to ask Capcom serious, important business questions following the company's recent financial earnings forecast, one Japanese analyst took it upon himself to... complain about Resident Evil 5's control scheme.

Yup, no probing questions about profits and yen valuations and business plans. Instead, he kicks his question-o-tron all the way up to "whine" mode, saying "I thought Resident Evil 5 had very poor playability in the demo version, so I would like to hear Capcom's opinion."

Capcom's response? "We would prefer not to comment, as we haven't received any such opinion."

Really, Capcom? Really?



    resident evil 5's controls does not make me proud!

    Fighting the chainsaw man in the demo went from what should have been a relatively quick process (in any other game) to a veritable dance number: Shoot, shoot, pivot, run, pivot, repeat. If Capcom's so intent on keeping the control scheme, maybe put some music to it, and make it a bit more interesting - maybe even Rez or Patapon-like? What? I think killing crazed villagers to the tune of bongos is a great game idea!

    Why are people still complaining about this? I played the beta version at TGS and there were two control styles. One was EXACTLY the same as RE4 and the other was very much in the style of Gears of War. Both were perfectly servicable.

    Unless the controls have gotten worse since September last year, everyone needs to stop whining.

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