Expiring Email Accounts Can Eat Your Xbox Gamertag

Microsoft is investigating a problem with expiring email addresses that is causing some Xbox Live users to abandon their Gamertags and start fresh, losing any progress they've accumulated over the past few years.

It seems that certain Windows Live ID email addresses that you need to have in order to set up an Xbox Live Gold account are set to expire after a certain period of inactivity on the users part. Once the email addresses expire and are deleted, they take any Gamertag associated with the account with them, even if the user has updated their Live account with a new email address in the interim.

GamesIndustry.biz looked to Microsoft for comment on the issue, receiving the following response:

"We are investigating this issue and don't have any further comment to make right now. Any consumer with any issues regarding their Xbox 360 or Xbox Live account should visit xbox.com/support or call their country's customer support number."

Until such a time as the issue is fixed, we suggest you take a moment to log into your Hotmail account every once in awhile, just in case.

Xbox Live accounts hit by email expiry blunder [GamesIndustry.biz]


    Mike can you elaborate on the story a bit. When I first started my XBOX Live account I used my then email address. I now have a new email address which I have since associated with my account. My old email address is inactive and I wouldn't know the password if I tried. Does this mean I'm screwed?

    @Antony Maait
    If you read the article then yes, you are potentially screwed. It did mention that the problem was occuring even when people had since changed the email the account was associated with.

    Also, I doubt any of the US crew read the AU comments... we must pray to the elusive Wild Goose instead.

    That's exactly the problem I'm having now. I bought my XBOX360 from a friend and he used an email address no longer active, so I'm stuck with his acct really.

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