Flash Fridays: Mirror's Edge 2D

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You've played Mirror's Edge in first-person. You've played Mirror's Edge in third-person. Now, why not play Mirror's Edge in 2D?

Created as part of EA's ongoing marketing campaign for the innovative yet frustratingly flawed DICE title, Mirror's Edge 2D is a remarkably faithful (sorry) translation of the original. It's super stylish, moves beautifully and punishes you with its trial-and-error platforming. Still, that opening tune is just gorgeous.

Mirror's Edge 2D [Official site]


    Hey, I thought I'd remind you guys of your post on the 18th, saying how nintendo said club nintendo news would be released this week, but they didn't stay to their promise! I am unsure if this is the correct way to tell you or not, so I decided commenting was the best.

    i'm pretty certain kotaku has posted a link to the 2d mirror's edge a while back...

    Awesome flash game nearly as good as dino RUN!

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