Get a Good Deal on Games

The Wall Street Journal, well aware of the current state of economic affairs, ran a story today about all of the ways you can get a deal on video games.

The story walks people through everything from trade-ins, to bartering, sales hunting and rentals. It's a fast, worthwhile read that introduces readers to half a dozen sites and services.

Here's the break down:

GameStop: The granddaddy of the used games business with more than 6,100 stores world wide.

Switch Games: A free website for online trading of consoles and games with a social network for game trade matchmaking.

Goozex: An online trading site for gamers that uses a special point system.

GameFly: The $16 a month video game rental service that also offers used game sales.

GameTap: Well-known download service for older PC games.

Good Old Games: Another download service for PC games, this one from CD Projekt.

Cheap Arse Gamer: Hive mind for video gaming deals world wide, makes it's money through a commission collected from online retailers for referral sales.

Have you used any of these services? Are there any you use not listed here?

New Web Sites Help Players Shop & Swap [Wall Street Journal]


    And for the Aussies, try

    Hey guys,

    Jason from GoGamer here. Just wanted to say thanks to those U.S. folks who mentioned us here. The WSJ certainly did NOT do their homework to find out where the best deals are. They obviously only did about 5 minutes of research. As you guys know GoGamer offers a lot of fantastic deals on games and accessories on a weekly or twice weekly basis. I encourage all of you to sign up for our 48hr. Madness Newsletter to know what those deals are immediately. Also, check out our EVERYDAY prices on console products. You’ll find that at least 95% of them are several dollars below MSRP and out the door with shipping for at or less than the original MSRP. The more gamers that shop with us the more deals we can offer. We’ve been around as GoGamer since 2001 and we’re not going anywhere, even in this tough economy. Again, thanks for the support at Kotaku!

    Jason Williams

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