Go Grab Killzone 2's Demo and Tell Us What You Think

I loved Killzone 2, but don't take my early impressions of it, go grab a demo of the game yourself and tell us what you think.

Of course it's only available to European readers and people who can put on a good cockney accent, via PSN duplicity.

Kotaku AU Note: I'm guessing our American friends think we speak with a cockney accent...


    Graphics are sweet loved the demo can't get enough of it why was it so short!!

    Yeah... WAY short. The bad part is we've seen it all in videos for the past several months. Kinda ruins things. Overall, it was nice testing physics and stuff. Lighting good, AI good... Controls ok... I can't wait for online.

    Er... are they SERIOUS? I wasted a gig of my download cap to play A FIVE MINUTE DEMO? Oh wait, no I didn't, I wasted a gig of my download cap to watch that death video that I'VE ALREADY SEEN.

    I haven't felt this insulted since the Blacksite demo. Pass...

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