Grand Theft Auto IV Censorship Was Accidental, Will Be Fixed

It's OK, Europeans. Yes, your versions of Grand Theft Auto IV have been censored. That's the bad news. The good news? It's all a mistake, and Rockstar are working on a fix.

"We are aware of an error with the latest GTA IV title update and are confident the issue will be fixed within the next few hours," a Rockstar representative told VG247. "We apologise to our fans for any inconvenience caused".

See? Nothing to worry about. The censor's knife is safely in its drawer.

Rockstar: GTA IV censorship is an "error," will be fixed "within hours" [VG247]


    If the PAL version is re-censored. I will literally cry. The OFLC's hypocrisy and ignorance is at a truly mind-boggling level at the moment.

    @ Trent Kusters

    There was no hypocrisy from the OFLC. Rockstar originally submitted 360 and PS3 versions GTA IV with the edits already made. The OFLC never saw the game with the cut content included. Later, the PC version was submitted without any edits. It passed with an MA15+, thus setting a precedent for The Lost And Damned. Simple really.

    Why are people so stupid as to CONTINUOUSLY blame the OFLC for the censorship in GTA IV? Do people STILL not get it that ROCKSTAR censored the game themselves before submission? Why is this SO HARD for most people to comprehend?

    @ David Wildgoose

    That's good news, and though clearly a product of previous ratings issues, it's nice to see the OFLC appear to have acted rationally (For a change). Still... I have to admit, I was pretty paranoid about jumping on live again, lest another patch were to take away my sex and violence ;)

    Thanks so much for making rockstar aware of this. Good work Kotaku.

    Me emailing them for help wont necessarily result in help, however you making the gaming communites worries/faults public is what can put pressure on them to fix things..

    Much thanks to you :-D

    Cant help but feel this wouldn't be an issue if we had an R18 rating :(.

    Love, how one man decides what I'm old enough to see in games.
    Bye for now I'm going to legally smoke, drink and have sex with a prostitute.

    still censored :(

    (i'm in australia.)

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