GTA IV Teams With iTunes, Dumps Amazon's Body In A Dumpster

Much was made last year of Rockstar's deal with Amazon, whereby the music featured in GTA IV would also be made available for sale on Amazon's online store. Turns out it was all for naught!

Because Amazon has been dumped as the soundtrack provider for upcoming GTAIV expansion The Lost and Damned, in favour of Apple's iTunes. Seems a big part of the original deal with Amazon was down to the fact they offered songs for sale without any prohibitive DRM (digital rights management), something iTunes couldn't bring to the table.

Now, though, nearly a year later, iTunes does offer DRM-free music. And with iTunes being bigger than every other online music store combined (and then some), making the switch must have been an easy decision for Rockstar to make.

So what's this mean for you, Joe Consumer? It means that, should you take a shine to any of The Lost and Damned's musical offerings, you'll be able to buy them from a store you may actually use, and may actually be familiar with.

Rockstar switching GTA IV music partnership from Amazon to iTunes [Variety]


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