GTA IV: The Lost and Damned Also Adds Full Frontal Nudity

GTA IV: The Lost and Damned Also Adds Full Frontal Nudity

Spoiler alert! If you’re going to play Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned and find digitally rendered flaccid penises offensive, you may want to avert your sensitive eyes during one in-game cinematic.

Rockstar Games, no stranger to controversy as marketing tool, will likely come under fire for its inclusion of completely uncensored, full frontal male nudity in The Lost and Damned, giving us our very first glimpse of digital dick on the Xbox 360. To say it was a surprise would be an understatement, as the scene in question is expert at providing flirtatious glimpses of one character’s fleshy business, only to give Congressman Thomas Stubbs’ junk plenty of screen time.

Allow us to set the scene…

Stubbs, in his first meeting with lead character Johnny Klebbitz, is receiving a massage at the private gentleman’s club Jousters when we meet him. The Congressman, dressed in nothing but a towel, quickly becomes pretty comfortable with his new biker friend, choosing to deliver his monologue in the buff.

While Rockstar’s cinematics director teases the player with mere glimpses of Mr. Stubbs’ junk, during the final moments of the cinematic, we get to see everything: a very poorly groomed, uncut and unabashed set of man tools.

We’ve opted not to include a shot of the scene, instead choosing to show the next encounter between Messrs. Klebitz and Stubbs, which also happens to be mostly clothing free.

The ESRB rating for the game—which is “M” for Mature—does make mention of the gratuitous digital dick on display, noting that the game has “Nudity” in its content. The original Grand Theft Auto IV is listed as having only “Partial nudity.”

There is no lack of homosexual innuendo in the expansion, as the Lost bikers regularly question one another’s sexuality and gush about the love of brotherhood throughout the game, but it certainly was surprising to see Rockstar go there.


  • It’s quite disturbing that at merely the mention of digital nudity, people begin to say things like ‘the game will be pulled’ or ‘this is the end of Rockstar. I mean, shooting cops and setting off car bombs in Burger Shot is absolutely fine yet a digital penis is going to corrupt the Earth? Come on. It’s nudity, everyone has genitals, we’ve all seen them before. We all have sex, we’ve all seen a plethora of movies with nudity. What is the problem? It’s the human body. Why is it disturbing? Do you scream and go to a confessional booth every time you see yourself naked?

    You people are seriously warped.

  • Quote:
    “Rockstar bores me. They act like a bunch of 15 year olds and think it’s amazing to put a penis in a game.”

    Forgive me but, it IS amazing they put a penis in a game. It pushed the envelope past the dry humping in hot coffee. This is the first full frontal nudity in a mainstream game. If it were a woman exposing herself we would already be hearing the news media calling for blood but, so far nothing.

    It’s funny now that Jack Thompson is disbarred they pull this. It’s like they are waving it right in his face, I love it! Hey Jack how do you like the sausage, are you going to sue? Oh yea, sorry 🙁

    • Since Rockstar have chosen to distribute games via Xbox Live mMrketplace, and not the retailers, they are more in liberty to do what they want in a game. To me the whole penis thing, isn’t about the organ in particular, but it is a statement toward the absurd cencorship system. A headshot with a gun is fine while nudity is bad. It should be the other way around.

  • realy? wow is it realy a big deal? i mean the games rated m so no one under 17 is “supposed” to play is but we all know thats not true. but still even if the od 10-16 year old male sees it then wtf? who the hell cares. and there are very little young femailes thaty play the game and would be offended so stfu. i found it funny they would go that far. kudos to rockstar once again

  • Rockstar are not idiots, their games mock our society in a very funny and honest nature that offends sensative people such as yourself josh. I hope Rockstar continues to break boundaries and I love them for that and always have. Things gotta change,to many people sugar coat and hide behind false masks in this world. Thank you rockstar for standing up.

  • In which missions’ cut scenes there is nudity ???
    Please answer because I will buy the game and I am not 18+ ….

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