Guitar Hero: Metallica Misspells Band Name

Uh. Whoops. Somebody at Activision thought it would be a good idea to put all the game's featured band names on the cover of Guitar Hero: Metallica. Nobody at Activision edited said list.

So we're left with a cover that features band names like, well, Metallica. Queen. Alice in Chains. Slayer. And Lynyrd Skynrd. Where's the problem? That's not how you spell Lynyrd Skynrd. It's Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Small mistake to make, and an easy one at that, but that won't make the laughter (or facepalming for Skynyrd fans) go away.

Oops: "Guitar Hero: Metallica" Cover Art Misspells Lynyrd Skynyrd [Rolling Stone]


    wow, who gives a shit.

    What do you expect? The band make up some gibberish to call them self and you expect people to spell it correctly.

    it seems you people underestimate the internet.

    Actually Meh, it's not gibberish. If you knew anything about the band you'd know where the name came from and why they picked it.

    Thank you Craig for your comment about the band. They might not be the big band they once were but they made history. Not to say they should be up in arms about it, but after the contribution they made to rock and roll someone should have at least double checked their spelling.

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