Half-Life 2: The (Short) Movie

A Half-Life movie based on Gordon Freeman would suck. But this short film - the first in a series - is not about Gordon Freeman. And, what do you know, it doesn't suck, either.

Directed by The Purchase Brothers, Escape From City 17 was supposedly shot with "no money, no time, no crew, no script, [and]the first two episodes were made from beginning to end on a budget of $500". So they did a few thousand bucks' worth of work for free, then, because for a fan movie, this is freakin' amazing.


    Wow. Just... wow.

    As a writer, and a film maker, who has more than once contemplated exactly what I could do with a hundred million dollars, WETA digital and a Gordon Freeman look-alike... that's absolutey astounding.

    Hats off to the Purchase brothers. That rocked. Hard :)

    Holy freaking crap! That was amazing!

    For a fan film, I would have to say the quality of that is awesome, almost rivalling a full-budget production film. I look forward to seeing more. Congrats to the Purchase Brothers.

    And the academy awards for Best Short Film goes to....

    Wow I'd choose this movie over something with a budget (e.g. Underworld) any day of the week. Hope they get money to make a full version soon.

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