Halo MEGA Bloks Have Us Wishing For Halo LEGO Instead

MEGA Bloks are kinda like LEGO in the way a Daewoo is kinda like a Mercedes. Ah well! MEGA Bloks got the licence to produce little Halo toys and LEGO did not.

So we have to move on, forget what could have been. As we said when the line was announced, MEGA Bloks are renowned "for their over-sized, LEGO-like building toys for ham-fisted infants". And as you can see from the cheap and, well, blocky-looking kits, that's exactly who it looks like the products are aimed at.

More pics of the whole line below.

FIRST LOOK: Halo Wars MEGA Bloks [Action-Figure]


    Nice figurine I like it!

    This is for kids not losers like We seem to found on this site,

    Grown the fuck up Lego are for little kids not 28 years fatass nerdz.

    Fucking loser.

    Umm no sam,
    Lego is the 6th most popular toy in the world, it's for all ages and everyone loves it. It's a Billion Dollar company and Mega blcks is a...lets not even talk about it. Lego is better in tooooooo many ways get it right!

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