If Only The Consoles Got Along This Well In Real Life

The console wars can be brutal. It'll divide families, end friendships. But it doesn't have to be that way. You don't have to devote your every waking moment to loving/hating a piece of consumer electronics.

You could instead take the view that these delightful little comics - sadly, uncredited - take. It's all cool! Everyone's friends! Everyone's friends, and everything's great.

The console war is officially over [IGN]


    I used to work with a guy that Had the belief that if it's not XBox, it's shit and if it came before XBox it's shit.

    When I was gaming back in the day, I was a one eyed Nintendo fan all the way, but as I got older I realised it's better to have an open mind. I now have all three major consoles and love it. Although I must admit there ain't enough hours in the day to play all the games I want to.

    I know some people can only afford one console, but if you have the means go for it coz trust me you're gonna miss out on some awesome games if you don't.

    awwww man, they are all so cute! We need to find the author of these comics, so we can all give them a big group hug!

    Feel the love! =)

    This brings a tear to my eye.

    My Xbox red ringed on me just last night and I swear the PC was nothing but smug about it. How do I make my consoles get along so sweetly?

    "Even if I have to forfeit my life, I will never condone war" - Osamu Tezuka

    So sad to see the consoles bickering, it could be different!

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