If There's Demand, Capcom Could Add More SFIV Characters

Street Fighter IV has a big cast of characters. The Capcom fighting game has old favourites like Ryu and Chun-Li as well as new characters like El Fuerte and Abel.

The home console versions brings characters like Cammy, Sakura, Fei-Long and even "joke" character Dan. The game doesn't get Super Street Fighter II characters T. Hawk and Dee Jay. Or does it?

Regarding T. Hawk or Dee Jay, SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono told Famitsu, "The development team said, "We want them in!" Honestly, we did the modelling up to the pre-texturing. We made the fight settings for T. Hawk in Street Fighter IV... If user's make their voices known this prep work is something we can revive at anytime."

Capcom's always prepared. It's like a big blue and yellow boy scout. Ono also says he'd like to make Street Fighter IV: Championship Edition. Once again, this depends on the reaction from gamers.

『ストリートファイターIV』開発者インタビュー [Famitsu]


    There is something uniquely collectible about SF... Release what ever you like CAPCOM.. I'll be buying it, and have it tucked away for years to come!

    New SFIV characters > New SF Editions

    "New SFIV characters > New SF Editions"

    ^ this

    Super Street Fighter IV EX Alpha Zero Turbo: Championship Edition

    Rather then releasing a whole new game, I think they're more likely to just release a ridiculous amount of DLC...which sucks cause my 360 hard drive is full.

    New editions for arcades? Definitely. New editions for consoles? Hell no. I know it will make you more money to make us buy a new version every year Capcom, but please... just release DLC updates. New characters, new stages, new modes... whatever. Just don't make me have to pay full price for something I already have most of.

    I don't know about any of you but I would really like to see Rolento included from SF Aplha 3 loved his move-set which was unique and character design. Plus I wouldn't mind seeing yun and yang made I've never eally had the pleasure of playing as them let alone in a 3d one there designs are also quite good. Also no offense to others but I don't really care for Deejay and T.Hawk (Probably him more so) but I would rather see capcom take a stab and create some more totally new and original fighters how about ones for countries that arn't being represented such as Italy?

    why make another street fighter 4 just keep giving us download content every two months cause some people cannot afford it cause you know that we are in a recession remember that! but bring cody,guy,rolento,ibuki,adon,kairi,dee jay,t hawk, and who ever i miss thank you


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