Indie Tuesdays: Fez

fez screenshot 20090216.jpg

I do love a good tease. And this is a good tease, indeed. Fez is one indie game I've had my eye on for about a year now and with good reason: its inspired 2D/3D platforming is presented with some totally charming pixel art. And now maybe - just maybe - we're about to hear a lot more about it.

The above screenshot appeared on developer Polytron's website yesterday, prompting debate over its cryptic message. As one commenter there noted, the presence of a green A button suggests this snap was taken from an Xbox 360 build. Could Fez be making its way onto XBLA? Hopefully we'll find out soon enough.

Meanwhile, check out this early gameplay video which should be sufficient to get you as excited as I am.

Something Awesome This Way Comes [Polytron Corporation]


    Really hoping games like this and Braid end up on the PC this year (for Braid,

    Fez itself looks like a refreshingly different platformer. I just hope the length of the game doesn't get limited by the mechanic itself (like Portal did, great game, but there's only so many Portal puzzles you can base a whole game around).

    Reminds me of crush on the psp.

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