It's Silent Hill vs Resident Evil Through...Snow Fights And...Breakdancing

As they are, Silent Hill games are scary. Resident Evil games, tense. But taken out of context - and with a little help from Garry's Mod - both can have their lighter moments.

Like snow fights! Run Heather, run! And break-dancing! Agent 47 looks totally into it.

These pics come courtesy of MrWhitefolks, in whose honour a GAF thread has been cooking for a few weeks now surrounding his ideas on a No More Heroes free of cel shading. Those ideas are nice enough, but we like these pics - which star Heather and Ashley, but feature a whole raft of other notable characters - a lot better.

silent hill nonsense 1.jpg

silent hill nonsense 2.jpg

silent hill nonsense 3.jpg

silent hill nonsense 4.jpg

silent hill nonsense 5.jpg

MrWhitefolks GMod screenshot badassery [UPDATED 01/13/09] [Pimp Productions, via Offworld]


    this is a level of coolness unreachable for me, i could only make such cool pictures of game characters in my dreams

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