Jay Mohr Tells Jokes About The Game Industry

Jay Mohr is a comedian. Comedians tell jokes. As host of the 12th annual Interactive Achievement Awards, Mohr did just that.

We've cherry picked three of our favourites Mohr told about the gaming industry:

Directed at LittleBigPlanet's Alex Evans about the DIY hit: "It's like buying CD, plugging it in, and then having to go buy all the instruments."

Directed at gaming-legend-turned-astronaut Richard Garriott: "That guy used 30 million to launch himself into space. Maybe he should have used that to launch Tabula Rasa."

Directed at Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski for dropping the "y" from his first name to seem more adult: "That worked well for Rick Schroder."

A couple more yuck-yucks in the link below.

DICE 2009: Jokes That Mock Top Game Developers [MTV Multiplayer]


    Maybe he should stick to what he does best: Being unfunny on shows that get canceled ;)

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