Jonathan Blow Lowers Price On PC Braid

A day after Stardock started accepting preorders for Jonathan Blow's Braid for the PC at US$19.95, the independent developer has announced a five dollar price drop in the interest of reaching a wider audience.

Worried that the US$19.95 price point for the PC version of the popular and innovative Xbox Live Arcade title Braid would keep PC gamers from purchasing the title upon it's release next month, Blow quickly leapt into action, explaining that attracting new players was more important than money at this point.

I don't care that much about the PC release price. The XBLA version was nicely profitable, and my goal with the PC release is mainly to get the game out to a wider audience. Sure, it would be nice to earn the optimal amount of money from that release - I have interesting ideas for games that I want to make in the future, and making games is very expensive, and I will probably have to hire people to help! But ultimately, I would rather have people talking about the game itself, what they like and dislike about it, than about how many American Fiat Currency Dollars it costs.

While I believe Braid is worth every penny of the original price, I suppose it's nice of Blow to give PC gamers a little break. Perhaps they'll pay him back in kind by buying the game in enormous quantities.

Meanwhile, Stardock has announced that they will be honouring the lowered price point, with anyone who preordered the game at US$19.95 only being charged the reduced US$14.95 price. Good for them!

Braid for the PC is now $15. [Braid]


    Steam release and they'll get a sale from me for sure.

    PLEASE release this on Steam. THAT's how he can get to a wider audience. Valve, if you're the ones holding this back... I'll have to reconsider my favourite games company...

    @Lord Adam\Purplesfinx:

    Jonothan Blow said in an interview that he was discussing the details of releasing it on Steam with Valve, who were keen on helping. He also said it will likely be there a bit later.

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