Just How Easy Is Street Fighter IV On Easiest?

When you can win round after round simply by pressing the hard kick button, you're either playing against me or playing Street Fighter IV on the ridiculously simply easiest difficulty.

Unlocking all of the hidden characters in Street Fighter IV is as simple as hitting a button and sometimes moving to the right, as demonstrated in the video below. MyCheats Senior Editor Mike Nelson made the video as a tip on how to quickly gather the full complement of World Warriors in Capcom's latest entry in the series, but I think it serves as a dismal reminder of just how low the entry level bar is being set.

I realise the easier modes are a way to get new players into the game, and the true challenge in any fighting game lies in taking on human opponents, but this is just silly.


    Considering the requirements to unlock Gouki and Gouken, it's no wonder they need to balance it out (Gouken requires 5 perfects or something like that).

    Really though, characters shouldn't have to be unlocked in primarily multiplayer games. Leave that for alt colours/costumes, art, sound test and all the rest of that stuff.

    You're so full of shit!!! I'm surprised you dont eat out your ass and shit out your mouth!!!! That is such bull!!! 3 hours later that tactic you said about just kicking worked with C.Viper like NEVER!!! i'm still using C.Viper and it still doesnt work!! WTF?!?!? What are you talking about? what planet are you on??? You're ridiculous... the Kick button does work with everyone else.. But Seth is WAAYYYYYYYYY too cheesy for you to win with just a kick button. You need to relax.

    My partner been on street fighter all day and he is unable to beat seth, it's doing his head in!!!!!!! He is using c viper, she is crap compared to seth but he is now stuck until he defeats seth!!! any tips??? he is on the easy level god help us when he gets to the harder levels, if he gets there lol!!!! please anyone help him!!

    This doesn't work. Not sure why this is here, but yeah it doesn't work at all, if you are considering this to unlock some characters don't do it. Play it on easiest with a better controller for practice and easy unlocks. The xbox360 is a piece of garbage for this game too much play in the triggers to do anything fast or effectively. So yeah, get a fight pad when they are available and then maybe this would work. I doubt it though.

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