Killzone 2 Review Party Crashed By Edge Bullies

Things seem to have been going smashingly on the Killzone 2 review front. Outlet after outlet has bestowed its highest honors upon the highly anticipated PlayStation 3 shooter. And then there was Edge.

While the majority of reviewers judging Killzone 2 have enjoyed it enough to hand out five stars, ten out of ten, or whatever maximum score allowed under their review systems, Edge wasn't so kind. It strayed from the reviewer pack with a damning 7 out of 10. Brace yourselves.

Obviously, in modern day review terms, in which the scale typically runs from 6 to 10, with 6 being nigh unplayable and 10 being "perfect," we have a problem on our hands. Or do we?

No. We don't.

One of the neat things about Edge is, it has a hard-on for innovation. Even neater, it uses the entire range of the scale, not just just comfortable 6 to 10 zone. Clearly, when reading the written critique of Killzone 2, the issues it takes with the game's characters, story (or lack thereof), and gameplay clichés, the numerical score provided to it — seemingly the most contentious aspect of the review — begins to make more sense.

It just doesn't quite fit in with the Metacritic average, thanks to a broad range of review outlets all being essentially held to the same review process. And, hey, it's better than the average "User Review" score, currently a mix of emotionally invested fanboy rating which we're going to assume are a blend of heated 1s and 10s.

We can't quite say how good Killzone 2 is just yet. We haven't played enough of the game's multiplayer to officially review it. Personally, I've only played pre-beta builds, giving me almost no indication of the final quality of the game.

But I'm looking forward to it. After all, everyone else has praised the game for its "unparalleled graphics, incredibly well-paced single-player campaign," its "extremely deep multiplayer" and a "keen attention to style and detail."

Killzone 2: The Edge Verdict [Edge Online]


    Edge don't know shit!

    "One of the neat things about Edge is, it has a hard-on for innovation."

    Yes, thats Why Edge gave Halo3 10/10 right?

    Edge go SUX-AXIS.

    ", the issues it takes with the game's characters, story (or lack thereof), and gameplay clichés"

    That's all well and good, except they gave Gears Of War 2 a 9/10, despite it being one of the few games which can give KZ2 a run for its money in terms of poor acting, dull characters, threadbare story.

    Surely a review should be based primarily on how much fun the game is to play? That's why Gears 2 got a 9 - because it's a huge amount of fun despite all that other crap. Likewise, KZ2 (if the singleplayer demo and word from the multiplayer beta are any indication, at least) is an absolute blast to play. By all means shave a point off for those plot/character quibbles, but that's it.

    Edge used to be THE source for quality reviews, but in the past year or so they've really lost the plot. They handed out something like 5 or 6 10/10 reviews in their first decade, then I think they've gone and handed out a similar number in the past 18 months. Games like Halo 3, GTAIV, The Orange Box, LBP etc are all good games, but it's tough to make an argument for any of them being 10/10, considering that Edge's own criteria require a game to be "revolutionary" to snag that 10/10. Sorry, but Halo 3 ain't it - Forge or no Forge, it's still another FPS. GTA IV? A refinement of previous GTA's, hardly a revolution. Orange Box? Great value for money, but other than Portal, it was a game that was getting long in the tooth long before getting bundled up as The Orange Box. LBP I guess you could argue that it's creation / sharing aspects are revolutionary, but the game itself? No.

    Then at the other end of the scale, they go and give Mirror's Edge a 5/10. The game certainly wasn't perfect (awful gun combat, for starters), it did enough things very well to warrant a solid score, even if it doesn't warrant raving about.

    Im suprised people still takes game reviews seriously. Do people still need a "professional" to tell them their own opinions before deciding to like a game?

    This article may make sense, it shuold make sense but the key word here and with any publication is "consistency". Now I'm no fan boy, a game is a game weather it be on a Playstation or a Xbox but when edge apply a flawless score to a game were the review starts "In substance it’s nothing new" it kind of blows this article appart. When you find out the game in question is Halo 3 you start to see Edge isnt such a "hard-on for innovation" magazine and just a bias fanboy publication like 99% of the publications that circulate the news stands of the world... Edge 0/10

    lol sony fanboys chucking a wobbly. CVG got chewed out for giving 8.7/10 or whatever... G4 even got hate for their 5/5!

    Protip, sony fanboys- you haven't got Killzone 2 yet, so stop acting like they've murdered your mother. You're making me embarrassed for owning a PS3.

    The games for lunch review of Killzone 2 wasn't that positive either. He gave it the wouldn't play more after the 1st hour verdict which is a shame. It sounds like it looks and sounds incredible but is just completely generic.

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