Kotaku Community “Playdate” On Xbox Live

Kotaku Community “Playdate” On Xbox Live

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Xbox 360 owners may have noticed the arrival last week of a new dashboard channel for Events. In addition to highlighting game launches – see Halo Wars above – it also acts as a call-out to Aussie gamers to jump online for a series of Community Playdates. We’ll be organising one of these playdates and want to hear your suggestions for what game to play.

The idea behind Community Playdates is to provide a focal point for Aussie gamers. If we’re all getting online for the same game at the same time, then it should alleviate the lag issues that we so often experience when joining games hosted overseas. The theory follows that it’s also a good way to meet local gamers and add them to your friends list.

We’ll be getting in on the act soon. But we want to know what game you’d all like to play. Leave your suggestions in the comments below and stay tuned for the first Kotaku Community Playdate in the coming weeks.


  • What about Battlefield: Bad Company. It’d be good fun to fill a server with Aussies.

    An older game that people might not play so much any more might be fun too. GRAW 2?

  • I’d be more inclined to pull out a relatively older game like Burnout Paradise. I haven’t played that in ages, and as such, haven’t seen any of the new content.

    I’d also like to see some of these done on multiplayer XBLA games. At lest then, if a person doesn’t have the game, it will cost less than $15 to buy it and join in.

    I was going to say we should try a Community Game, but forgot we don’t have access to them in Australia yet…

  • Shadowrun! Come on, the game deserves SO much more love than it gets. And anyone who doesn’t have it can pick up a second hand copy for $20.

    I’d just rather it was something I wasn’t all ready playing all the damn time like Left 4 Dead, GoW 2 or Halo 3.

  • I need to pick up Fear 2 anyway (since I didn’t bloody win any of the competitions! Damnit! lol), so that one could be fun.

  • Over at Hyper Forums [url=Sunday Burnout Thread]http://www.hyper.com.au/forums/showthread.php?t=17774[/url] we are looking to have some regular Sunday Night action, with Burnout Paradise this coming Sunday 1st March. It totally makes sense with all the updates, I was showing off the delorean to a non-believer just last night, Criterion should pay me for this.

    I hope my attempt at a url works.

  • If there was ever a game that needed a “play-date” its the bungled online mess that is gears of war 2. But given that it uses the highly impersonal lobby set-up al la Halo, I doubt it would be very social or ‘community-like.’

    So I might also swing some votes towards Shadowrun. Its really not the most polished game, but it can be alot of fun on occasion.

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