LAN Planner: RetroLAN in Sydney, Tomorrow!

LAN Planner: RetroLAN in Sydney, Tomorrow!

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Another LAN event this weekend, this time in Sydney’s north shore. Organised by the Sydney Overclockers Gaming Community, RetroLAN will have servers up for Call of Duty 4, Unreal Tournament, Quake 3: Arena, Far Cry 2, FlatOut 2 and Left 4 Dead.
They also promise classics like Super Mario Bros, DOOM and Duke 3D for us oldies, as well as a Console Lounge with 360s and beanbags, or you can bring your own if you prefer.

WHEN: 7th of Feb, 2009 – 10am to 10pm
WHERE: North Sydney Anzac Club, Anzac Ave, Cammeray, NSW, 2062
PRICE: $25.00

Amusingly, there’s also a bunch of – shall we say – more unconventional competitions:

Qrack! (pronounced “crack”): Classic Quakeworld deathmatch
Pixel Pusher: Build your favourite 8-bit hero and win a prize for the best design!
Mouse Toss: Bring the oldest computer mouse you can find, and hammer throw that rodent! Hit the target and win yourself a brand new Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse (to replace your dead rodent).
Blind Man’s Duel: Beta Day #1 brought our Blind Man’s ruleset to our competitions; with partner teams standing in to duke it out in racing with Blind Man’s Run. Now, Blind Man’s Duel takes those rules one step further, as teams duke it out in Mario Kart 64 Battle Mode!
Sonic Speed Trials: Everyone’s favourite blue hedgehog gets a run in an attempt to finish one of the Green Hills levels as fast as possible in the classic speed run competition!
Mario Time Trials: Everyone’s favourite Italian plumber gets his turn, in Level 1 – 1 of the now supremely classic, Super Mario Bros. game on the NES! Fastest runner wins!


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