Left 4 Dead Reaches Ultimate Milestone: Parody Porn

Left 4 Dead Reaches Ultimate Milestone: Parody Porn

Congratulations, Valve. You’ve finally made it to the big leagues. Some enterprising pornographers have parodied Left 4 Dead in a series of fleshy features that gives zombie smut lovers something to watch before bedtime.

The first episode, Left 4 Head, features the kind of fare you’d expect: Smoker tongues that aren’t tongues and a very hands-on Hunter going after Zoe. Oops, I mean “Poker” and “Groper” special infected going after “Blowie.”

The follow-up, which according to producers is “a must see for fans of the game or interracial sex,” introduces us to the “Splooger” zombie. That shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. It also features the XXX version of Louis, the “the tolken [sic]black dude in the game,” in a post-rescue gesture that can probably be best described as the opposite of romantic.

We can’t stress enough how NSFW and adults-only this is. The majority of this post’s creation was spent finding a relatively safe screen shot. Seriously, this is straight up “erotic horror” pornography, my fellow adults.

But have fun finding it on the internet, you perv.

Let Me Google That For You [LMGTFY.com – thanks, Ernie!]

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