Lost & Damned Accidentally Censors Grand Theft Auto IV?

Reports are starting to come in from Europe claiming that the release of Grand Theft Auto IV's expansion pack, The Lost & Damned, has somehow censored previously uncensored versions of the game.

While at this stage these reports are unconfirmed, the complaints are in essence the exact opposite of what's happened in Australia. Seems that some gamers from some European countries - including the UK and Germany - who previously enjoyed versions of the game resplendent with hooker-focused camera angles and lavish amounts of arterial bloodspray, now find their copies of the game neutered.

This means no more pools of blood under bodies, no more puffs of red mist from someone being shot, and only the single available camera angle - which shows practically nothing - for your liaisons with the ladies of the night.

You can see some of what we're talking about to the left (NSFW), in footage captured by a German gamer. It's also being discussed in countless forums, with this work-in-progress at GameSpot probably the most informative.

It's unclear at this stage whether the update was intentional or, as seems more likely, a PAL-related accident in the wake of Australia's "liberating" patch. We'll update when we hear from Microsoft and/or Rockstar.


    Hi Kotaku,
    Yes i can confirm this 100%, I own the UK 18+ of GTA4 here in Aus, and when i load the L&D, it censors the game. On the flip side IF i use the AUS copy of game its ok!

    So the [email protected] has a glitch with its patch for PAL version!

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