Mad Catz Return To Form With Resident Evil 5 Stuff

Last few months, Mad Catz have been doing their best to convince us they've turned a corner. Are now putting out quality merchandise, instead of the crap they're renowned for. And we believed them!

So it's sobering today to see the company's line of Resident Evil 5 accessories, which amount to six separate pieces of extraneous crap. There are ugly controller skins (360 & PS3, US$20) ugly console skins (360 & PS3, US$30), an ugly bluetooth headset (US$50) and a somewhat ugly, horribly expensive messenger bag (US$50).

Because We Need Resident Evil 5 Everything...[Siliconera]


    This isn't nearly as cool as the very understated Tricell-themed PS3 or the red X-Box 360. Looking forward to the release of the game though.

    You Just choose the Most Ugly Skinz and faceplat there are three more different Madatz resident evil SKUs which looks great.another one for Xbox 360 and two for PS3(faceplate + controller Skinz)

    also the messenger bag is for holding the consoles and other and the PS3 Bluetooth madcatz already got another non branded successful one for online gaming.

    Not every one have your own taste.


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