Making Of Killzone 2 Could Be More Exciting Than Killzone 2

What could be more fun that shooting your way across an alien planet in Killzone 2? How about standing in front of a green screen talking about making Killzone 2?

Check out the team from Guerrilla Games as they talk us through the creation of Killzone 2, telling us something about dynamics and artificial intelligence and creating player tension. None of that matters, really. What matters is how cool the staff from the Killzone 2 developer come off in this video, recorded against green screen and placed in game environments. The production values are really impressive, and by the end of the video I can think of no other developer I'd want to take with me on a trip to a hostile alien world.

Man, I can't wait for them to release the Making of the Making of Killzone 2 video.


    You know one day ill be able to watch these embedded vids at work once kotaku realises that the auto refresh funtion is absolute suck for anyone that has a QoS filtered work internet connection. Nothing like caching a vid to 50% only to have the page refresh and all the progress lost....

    isn't it annoying

    @ Korwin

    Sorry, I know how annoying it is. This'll be fixed soon, along with a raft of other site improvements. Hang in there!

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