Mass Effect 2 Coming In 2010, Will Be 'Multiplatform'

EA's John Riccitiello didn't confine himself to announcing Wii ports during today's Q309 conference call. He also gave a release timeframe for Mass Effect 2, saying that it'll be out in early 2010.

Interestingly, he announced the game would be appearing on multiple platforms, but didn't get into specifics, leaving it unclear whether he meant the PS3 or was just referencing the release situation of the first game, which appeared on "multiple platforms" (ie the Xbox 360 & PC).


    If a port of Mass Effect for PS3 doesn't show up in the next few months, I'll be extremely surprised if the sequel gets a PS3 release. With Bioware having suggested that characters/save files/decisions from the first game might carry over into the second, it would seem silly to force PS3 owners to start at number two.

    Gah, why are all the good games coming out in 2010? I'm travelling that year and won't have any of my consoles/money on me other than my laptop and hand-helds!

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