Microsoft Finally Fixes NXE HDMI SNAFU

Microsoft Finally Fixes NXE HDMI SNAFU

The Xbox 360’s “New Xbox Experience” wasn’t filled with the joyful noise of Avatar belches for some owners of the console. Some found their HDMI-ready systems without sound, which Microsoft is now, finally, addressing.

Following the NXE roll out in November 2008, a segment of the Xbox 360 population found their previously working audio cutting out. A hard drive swapping “fix” was the best the community could come up with. Not an ideal solution, nor the best way to fire up a C-grade Netflix stream.

According to Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, a new dashboard update will be issued in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, one that is said to fix the issue affecting those plugging in their Xbox 360 via HDMI. We’ve fortunately been spared the HDMI-induced aural famine at Kotaku Towers, but hope that those affected will chime in, loudly, when they get their patch on.

Dashboard Update (aka the HDMI Audio fix) [Xbox Live’s Major Nelson]

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