Minesweeper Explodes Onto Xbox Live Arcade

The game rivaled only by Solitaire in terms of man-hours lost at workplaces around the world makes its way to the Xbox Live Arcade today, in the form of Minesweeper Flags.

Minesweeper Flags joins 3 On 3 NHL Arcade on Xbox Live Arcade this week, offering up the the same mine-clearing goodness we've been enjoying for free on Windows-based PCs since 1992, with 400 Microsoft points worth of extra added excitement. Developer TikGames has enhanced the Minesweeper logic-puzzle experience with new game modes, online multiplayer, non-square playing fields, and a rather pleasant 3D isometric perspective that it sure to simultaneously amuse and confuse stalwart fans.

I cannot download this game, as you folks would never see me again.


    This is XBOX jumping the shark, right? Or would that take Solitaire?

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