More Battlefield: Bad Company On The Way

Seems EA's John Riccitiello didn't get the memo that the "Battlefield Announcement Event" in the UK had been snowed out, because during this afternoon's Q309 conference call, he went ahead and announced a new Battlefield game.

Sadly for fans of the core series, it's not one of those games. Instead, it's a sequel to last year's Battlefield: Bad Company, is being developed by DICE, will be out on the same engine (so don't expect any drastic changes) and is scheduled to appear in early 2010.


    For all the people that like Bad Company, most of you obviously haven't played BF2 on PC, it is a far superior game and I know Dice will eventually make an announcement about BF3 was just hoping this was going to be it.

    LOVED the BFBC... Can't wait for the next one. Even with few improvements, the next game will be fun.

    doesn't matter if there's no drastic changes, BF:BC is a good game as it is, but a PC version would be muchly appreciated!

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