Nerd City Full Of Game Characters

For a little while now, Ryan Allen has been working on "Goon City", a lovingly-rendered city map made up of everything that we guess Ryan likes. Seems Ryan likes his video games.

Scrolling around Goon City will, we warn you, cost you precious minutes. Maybe even precious hours, as you play a dork's version of Where's Waldo, spotting every little character and building from some comic/movie/bookthat you dig.

We're particularly interested in the games references literally clogging up the city. Of which we can find a few dozen, from Mario to SimCity, Grand Theft Auto to Q*Bert. You, after a few hours you can probably find a few dozen more.

Goon City [Ryan Allen]


    WAIT!?!?!?!??!?!? Q*bert got a say and yet no talk of the Protoss pylon? Shame on you

    -Cheers, Chris

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