New PSP Colours Coming To Australia Are Red, Blue, Not Pink

New PSP Colours Coming To Australia Are Red, Blue, Not Pink

vibrant blue psp 20090225.jpg

While the US is the lucky recipient of a Hannah Montana styled pink PSP, unfortunately we miss out. Instead, Sony PR has told us we’re getting two new colours, the really quite lurid “Vibrant Blue” and “Radiant Red”, added to the selection of PSP-3000 models in Australia.

No dates, pricing or bundles have been announced just yet, only confirmation that we’re getting two more coloured PSPs.

radiant red psp 20090225.jpg

The Vibrant Blue and Radiant Red PSPs were previously only available in Asia and were just recently announced for Japan, too. Strangely, it looks like we’re missing out on the green and gold models (read: Spirited Green and Bright Yellow) the Japanese will be able to pick up next week.


  • The blue PSP looks SO MUCH better than the blue DS. One could even say it looks somewhat sexy. But still not as sexy as the black one.

  • Is it just me, or does the Piano Black PSP still look the best?

    @Daniel You haven’t read all the PSP announcements this morning?

  • @Firehawk41 They’ll coming at the end of the year, they don’t need it 6-7 months away, they need it now.

    Also apart from Rock Band, they are just ports/the same idea as the PS3 games.

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