New Street Fighter Costumes Highlight Cammy's Posterior

If you're bored with Street Fighter IV already, Capcom are on hand to ensure that, for 300 MS Points, you can squeeze a few more minutes out of it. Looking at Cammy's ass.

Yes, the Femme Fatale pack is now ready for download (on 360, with PS3 sure to follow on Thursday), and includes a ton of new costumes for Chun-Li, Crimson Viper, Sakura, Rose, and Cammy. And by "costumes", they mean "much smaller costumes". For instance, this vid probably isn't safe for work, since the first few minutes are dedicated entirely to watching a g-string hitch itself firmly between Cammy's butt cheeks.


    oh please... i like seeing hot babes jump around in next to nothing as much as any other guy, but can someone put an end to these stupid character designs. im of course referring to women dressed in stupidly tight and small clothing/armour, when they're supposed to be these bad ass heroes/villains. jesus, grow up.

    ooo nice...
    anyone know that the song is?

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