New Tekken 6 Screens Ride The Panda Express

Namco Bandai has delivered sixteen new screens of Tekken 6 and they're very educational. What can new media of the upcoming Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 brawler teach us?


    The screenshot with Hwoarang and Bryan looks like Hwoarang is making Bryan smell his feet.

    Hwoarang: Smell my feet!
    Bryan: That's against the geneva convention!

    Another Tekken game huh? Another boring, unbalanced fighter with useless male characters and an instadeath final boss for artificial difficulty? Seen it before.

    What's that? The characters are now made exclusiveley of lumpy pizza dough dipped in epoxy resin and then bathed in more bloom than a florist on valentine's day? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP!

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