Nintendo DSi Hits Australia April 2

Nintendo DSi Hits Australia April 2

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Well, this is unexpected. Earlier this morning Nintendo announced the DSi would launch in the US on April 5, prompting us to speculate on a July or August local release. How wrong we were!
We’re getting the DSi before the US. Admittedly, it’s only three days sooner, but still. We’re still in a state of shock.


  • $299.95? Hmm… and let me guess, EB/GAME will offer $20 off the price if you trade in your DS Lite and 35 games. I’m sold!

    @ url404
    Surely not before Japan, but perhaps before other Western markets.

    • acutally eb games made the price $170 if you traded in your ds lite i have a DSi and it is the bomb but i wanna get the comic thing

  • Kind of expensive, since the DSi would cost the same as a PSP-3000. I won’t be rushing out to buy it.

    According to release dates the original DS was released in NA first.

    NA November 21, 2004
    JP December 2, 2004
    AUS February 24, 2005
    EU March 11, 2005

  • There aren’t enough differences between the DSi and the DS to warrant me spending close to $300 for something I already have. I mean, do I -really- need two cameras for my DS? Or a matte finish exterior? I dunno, man…

  • Damn Nintendo, you well oiled machine of awesomeness. Why keep bringing out cool stuff that I want to buy? Damn it, I’m but a man!

    That DSi is damn cool. I can’t stand the gloss finish of the DS, and this thing’s slimmer, has more features and bigger screens. The only downside is the price…. ah stuff it. I’m getting it.

  • It IS pretty awesome; BUT. they are always going to release something even more better like in a year or two. I’m tempted to buy it but imagine the next one NDSi2?; 3D???

  • We are Australians currently working in the USA. The kids want the new DSi. Sells here for
    $US 169.99, and you can trade your DS Lite in at EB Games and get the new DSi for $US100. Big difference, we Aussies pay too much!!!

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