Nintendo Fashion Day

Despite it seeming like Buyout Day, I hereby declare it Nintendo Fashion Day on the count of several eBay listings, the most amazing manicure ever and yet another game in Ubisoft's Imagine series.

First up are the eBay listings. According to GoNintendo, you can find several fashionable items for auction — including a Mario and Sonic athletic jacket and a spiffy Nintendo Power Team windbreaker. If that's not posh enough for you, French fashion label Lanvin is featuring a green frock that may or may not having anything to do with the Pac-Man ghosts behind her.

Once you've decked yourself out in Nintendo-themed threads, you can head on over to where this chick gets her nails done and have yourself a Zelda manicure.

And if that isn't enough to fool you into thinking yourself a fashion aficionado, there's always Imagine Fashion Party for the Wii. It's your wildest slumber party dreams come true.

eBay auctions - tons of Nintendo clothing and more

French fashion label uses gaming in advertising

Legend of Zelda - nail art

Imagine Fashion Party - new trailer


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