No Resident Evil 5 Limited Editions For You!


    If you absolutely have to have the LE then most UK retailers will ship it (for 360, if you're not willing to take a punt that the US version will be unregioned) or if you're on PS3 you should be able to get the US LE too.

    Then what did i pre-order from EB?

    FUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! WRYYYYY?! damnit, now i have to import a good version...

    @ Corack

    I don't know, what DID you pre-order from EB? Let me know and I'll amend the post.

    @ David Wildgoose
    I pre-ordered the LE a couple of days ago from EB, like Corack, and paid the extra $10.
    I don't want a refund, I just want my limited edition, I've already paid the full price, and they said they would be the only ones to get it. If they lied to me, I will be most upset, specially cause I hate buying from the rip off artists, JB is much cheaper.
    Should I demand they import it for me, for no additional cost?

    @ Bjergi

    Any idea what it comes with?

    @David Wildgoose
    Just the same as the european edition, he said, figurine and all.
    It's very dissapointing.

    @ Bjergi
    Please don't take this as some sort of personal attack, but going to a retail store that doesn't do imports and demanding that they import something for you, out of their own pocket, because they were made to believe by the publisher (Red Ant) that they would be receiving it, is just not gonna work. If a retailer is informed that they will be getting something, and then that information happens to change because of circumstances out of their control (Red Ant folding, in this instance), then you can't really place the blame on them for the information changing. However, EB generally does refunds for preorders, in my experience, so the option is still there to get the refund and import.

    On the other hand, according to the article that's being referenced, we have only one retailer (an online store, no less) saying that the collectors edition isn't coming to Australasian territories, which certainly isn't complete confirmation yet.

    @David Wildgoose
    David, has there been any confirmation from Red Ant or Capcom saying if Australasian territories are or are not getting the collectors for Resi5? And how does this fare for the Street Fighter IV collectors, seeing as they're were both being published here in Oz by Red Ant?

    Well, there's no listing for a LE on their AU website. :-(

    I went to GAME yesterday and said the collectors edition of RE5 was available at a cost of 200 dollars. I pre-ordered the game almost a year ago, so they were kind enough to change my regular eidtion to the LE. So where this news came from, is anybody's guess.

    The UK isn't getting the same L.E. as the USA from what I have read.

    In fact, all of Europe is only getting a Steelbook with the 'Making-of' DVD inside of it.

    Well I have preordered Resident Evil 5 Limited Edition at EB games today.....

    it's rather odd, up until yesterday, there were no ResEvil5 LE's in our computers, today however, there's;

    Res Evil 5
    Res Evil 5 LE
    Res Evil 5 UE (ultimate edition possibly?)

    This post is completely untrue and whoever wrote it is just trying to stir up a hornet's nest. I personally asked a manager at two EB games stores that I passed on the way home today, Both of which say that is a complete farce and we will be getting a Limited Edition and Uber Edition EXACTLY The same as The United States. If you don't believe me look it up on

    The game will also be completely UNCENSORED if anybody is wondering about that, which makes me laugh because Silent Hill Homecoming is no where near as violent as this, Yet it was censored.

    Lie more, Kotaku.

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